Thursday, 14 November 2013

Chidinma’s S*xtape Scandal: The True Story Behind The Video Revealed (MUST READ)

Popular Nigerian singer, Chidinma has been in the middle of a sxx tape controversy recently.
According to reports, a sxx video went viral a few days ago which allegedly featured the Kedike singer and fans have been weighing in with their opinion.
Well we can Authoritatively put it to you that it is completely False According to A close  Source the culprits In the video aren’t even Nigerians but are South Africans, well the tape is not a Chidinma sxxtape but rather a random south African Couple having sxx, the Alleged video has been Around for a while and was only republished by a desperate upcoming blogger trying to push traffic to his site .
The Culprits in the Alleged video weren’t even speaking English but spoke in Sotho–Tswana (South African Language) and you can see why the video was Mute! 
Well hours After the unfortunate incident Chidinma came out herself  to deny these allegations, claimingShe was still A Virgin!
On a closer look at the video, fans have also come to conclude that the lady in the tape is only a Chidinma lool-alike, and not the singer herself.
View a few snapshots from the video below and compare her faces…

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