Saturday, 30 November 2013

Enish Nigerian Restaurant and Grill berths in South East London

With a proliferation of swanky European and Asian offerings across south east London, there has been an absence of high-end African options before now. 

EnishNigerian Restaurant and Grill in Lewisham High Street has filled that void with an up-scale, trendy place to get a different kind of bite. It has enjoyed rave review in the British press in its short time in existence.

Joint owners Eniola and Olushola Medupin have 20 years experience in restaurants and finance, with Olushola having run one of Lagos’ top restaurants for a decade. The appeal of Nigerian food, the couple say, is its freshness and variety of ingredients. Continue...

The unrefined, natural foods are full of flavour and rich in fibre and low GI carbs, with a wide range of ingredients sourced from Nigeria.

Joint owner Shola Medupin said: “Patrons are guaranteed a taste of Nigeria with every bite. Every Nigerian meal is an event which we are out to share with the people of London.” She added: “My experiences coming from a third world country where stable electricity is scarce as gold, we weren’t into making large batches of food, some to be consumed on the day of production and the rest frozen until it’s needed.

“I come from a place where each individual meal or plate of food is made freshly from scratch and uniquely to each customer’s need.”

Shola said: “The recommended meal for a first timer would be Jollof rice£8.99(N2, 265), which is slowly cooked rice in tomatoes, peppers, herbs and spices with fried plantain and bee.
“If you are not a first timer or would like to try something more adventurous, the recommendation is Pounded Yam with EfoEgusi and Fresh fish £14.99 (N3,780).”

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