Saturday, 30 November 2013

Why I Dont Take Scandal Rumours Seriuosly – Actress Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo is one of the most featured faces in Nollywood Yoruba genre. Quite controversial too, she opens up on her life and career
You have been in the entertainment industry for a while now…
I started acting in 1998. That is about 15 years.
What prompted you to becoming an actress?
Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be in show business. From my secondary school days till now, I have always been popular. As a student, I was planning event, acting, singing, and was involved in cultural dance. I was into a lot of entertainment activities in school.
So far, how many films have you featured in?
I can’t remember but I have appeared in over 200 movies. To name a few: Baba Darijiwon, Funsho Animashaun, Botife, Bofe book, Ololufe, Ife Odale, Oro Lanre Pe Si je, Oga, Mario, Baba No regret, and my latest work, National Experience.
Which of these movies brought you into the limelight?
Two movies, Ife Odale and Oga. This is because they came out the same day
How have you been able to stand tall despite the influx of more new actresses?
By always making a difference and creating my own style. I have been as natural as ever and above all, I put God first in all I do.
Will you say you are fulfilled in your career as an actress?
Yes, I am fulfilled but still aiming higher.
Do you have regrets?
I have no regrets. I thank God I am an actress and for bringing me this far. I love telling stories. I have been writing stories since I was 14 years. I am living my dreams to the fullest.
Actresses always have a scandal or the other to battle with, have you experienced this?
Yes I have. But I can tell you now I don’t take such rumours seriously. I just laugh it off. I don’t allow any distraction for myself.
You seem to have a handful of fans, have you had nasty experiences with any?
I save their number as “Don’t think pick”, so I don’t have to pick up their calls at all because some can really be annoying.
Has your career, in any way, affected your relationship?
In the past, yes.  But with my man now, it has not. He understands my work and appreciates acting.
How do you switch from Iyabo Ojo the actress, to Iyabo, a lover, a mother?
I am a very organised and detailed person. I draw out my calendar and I don’t muddle up things. Whenever I’m shooting, I am Iyabo, the actress, when I’m home, I am mummy and when I’m with my man, I am his woman. I don’t take my acting home and I don’t allow my personal and private life affect my career.
How do you relax? When?
Over the years, I have learnt to manage my busy schedule and to know when to draw the line and create the time to relax. I make out time to relax when I’m home with my kids.
You are also fashionable, what dictates your fashion sense? 
My mood and occasions.
Do you love tattoos, how many do you have?
Yes. I have three.
You just recently opened a beauty parlour cum spa and a modelling agency. How do you cope joggling other businesses with acting? 
I cope well. It’s all about you having a proper planning of yourself and good time management.

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