Monday, 11 November 2013

Igbo Cultural and Support Network: The ICSN Iri Ji (New Yam) Festival 2013 & 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

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igbo1By Chigbo JP Ibe:
I ended last year’s review of the 2012 ICSN Iri Ji Festival by stating “… Wait until you see what we have in store for 2013…” Judging by the reactions and feedback we have received from various attendees, I can confirm that we lived up to the hype.
This year 2013 being a landmark year for ICSN (15 year anniversary), meant that extra work and preparation was put into this year’s Iri Ji Festival (as well as our other social events).
This year’s Iri Ji Festival was not just solely about honouring our culture, and continuing the legacy of the New Yam festival, but also about paying homage, and respecting the lineage of our unique organisation ICSN, hence this year’s titled ” ICSN Iri Ji (New Yam) Festival 2013 & 15 Year Anniversary Celebration”.igboigbo woman dancingibru igboIGbo

The London Borough of Hackney was blessed for a second year in a row. Having still not gotten over the beautiful showcase of Igbo cultural pride we displayed last year, the Petchey Academy was yet again the venue for another splendid projection of the Igbo community London.

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